Eyelid Surgery

Removal of excess skin and fat from the eyelid

Rejuvenate your eyes

Blepharoplasty is the removal of excess skin and fat from the eyelid and is often called “corrective eyelid surgery.” This surgical procedure is extremely popular in both men and women and serves as a great combination procedure with Facelift Surgery or Aesthetic Medicine.

If you have drooping eyelids or feel that your eyes are making you look old and tired or even grumpy then this short procedure could be for you? Upper and lower eyelids can be operated on in one case or single eyelid blepharoplasty surgery can be performed based upon your aesthetic needs and wants.

How is the surgery performed?

The surgery usually takes 45 – 60 minutes.

In most cases Dr Chris Snijman will perform the surgery in theatre but, as an outpatient procedure. The surgery, if done alone, usually takes 45 – 60 minutes and follows this process:

  • Incisions are made within the folds of the eyelid to hide the scar.
  • The excess skin and fatty tissue is removed, thus opening the eye and removing that puffy look.
  • The incision is closed and you awake to a fresh brightened face.

What is the recovery time?

As you can imagine there will be some swelling post-surgery and as such you may need help for the first few days with driving and other such activities. Dr Chris Snijman recommends bed rest for a few days to assist in recovery and no heavy lifting.

Your final result will be visible after 10 – 14 days* once the swelling and bruising subsides.

Are there any complication risks?

As with all surgery there are risks and complication possibilities, but they will be thoroughly discussed with you during the consultation process. As always:

  • Do not smoke prior or post the surgery – smoking reduces oxygenated blood flow and delays wound healing.
  • Do not take blood thinning medication prior and post-surgery – again, this medication slows wound healing and therefore increases risk of complication (alcohol is a blood thinner).

Are there alternatives?

In some less severe cases Dr Chris Snijman can use non-surgical Aesthetic Medicine to soften the eye and reduce prevalent bags under the eye, but unfortunately this is not a permanent result and often my patients request a Blepharoplasty at a later stage.

Undergoing your Blepharoplasty (Eyelid) surgery with Dr Chris Snijman is as simple as making an appointment. Call his Morningside rooms now on 011 884 9957.

* Disclaimer
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