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cxblackCrisalix enables doctors and aesthetic patients around the world to answer the common question “how might I look after the procedure?*” Crisalix has developed a unique solution for creating a simulation of the patient’s body in 3D from 2D images.

We are proud to announce that Dr Chris Snijman is one of the first cosmetic surgeons in South Africa to offer Crisalix 3D imaging technology as part of our standard patient consultation process.


Before & after plastic surgery simulation in 3D *

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How does it work?

If you are considering plastic surgery, you can make an appointment for a consultation with Dr Chris Snijman. Dr Snijman will scan your body with an iPad with a special sensor and a few seconds later your own body will appear in 3D. Now we can simulate the surgical procedure with the actual implants that we will use in just 1 click and you will be able to see how this shape and size will look on your own body*.


Dr Snijman: “Often a patient tells me that she would like to have the breasts of a famous model or a specific cup size. Because every body is different in size and proportions it is hard to explain how a certain volume or shape would look on your body. Sizers in a bra may help a bit, but don´t really show the effect on your body after surgery.

Of course, exact result of the actual surgery depends on several factors, but with mobile 3D imaging we can communicate a lot easier with our patients and be sure that we fully understand what they would like to accomplish and fully understood their wishes: a 3D image says more then a thousand words.*

The patient can now see a “before and after” image*, which helps a lot to get a good idea of what a certain volume will do to your body. We can also show the difference between round and anatomical (drop shaped) implants”

After the consultation the patient will receive an email with a link. With this link, the patient can again look at the 3D image at home, from the pc, laptop or directly on the smartphone, and share it with their partner or close friends.

Dr Snijman: “I noticed that patients really enjoy looking at the images from home; this offers them the possibily to see the images again in the trusted environment of their home, think about it thoroughly and share it with people they trust.”


* Disclaimer

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