Breast Reduction

Removal of excess breast tissue and reshaping of oversized breasts

Surgically reducing the size and shape of your breasts

In my practice I have observed that oversized breasts can cause chronic back pain and hunched walking positions in some patients.

With the popularity of Breast Augmentation surgery on the rise, it sometimes boggles the minds of some patients that women would want to reduce the size of their breasts. Oversized breasts may cause chronic back pain and hunched walking positions in some women. Similarly women with oversized breasts often suffer from ptosis (sagging) and enlarged areolas; both of which breast reduction surgery will address*.

What is Breast Reduction surgery?

Breast Reduction surgery is the surgical removal of excess breast tissue and the reshaping of oversized breasts. The results of undergoing Breast Reduction surgery can be life changing for the patient* and within Dr Chris Snijman’s practice there is a high satisfaction rate post-surgery.

Am I a good candidate for Breast Reduction?

Do you have large oversized breasts that are making your uncomfortable, embarrassed or causing severe pain? If you answered yes, then you are a good candidate for Breast Reduction surgery. Of course there are surgical considerations to take into account and of course scar implications that might make a patient decide against the procedure.

Tell me about the surgery

The surgery is a long procedure and the recovery time is significant. It is done under general anaesthetic and in most cases you will need to spend the night in hospital.
Drains will be inserted to aid in recovery.

All this sounds complicated, but all will be described to you during the consultation with Dr Chris Snijman.

Your surgical approach will depend on a number of classifications:

  • 1. Skin quality
  • 2. Breast tissue to be removed
  • 3. Skin and breast elasticity

In most cases your surgery will follow these general guidelines:

  • The incision is made around the nipple area, down to the inframamary fold and then along the fold in what is described as a key hole incision
  • The skin and tissue is then removed from the breast and drains will be inserted
  • Once the breasts have been remoulded the key hole incision edges are sutured together to hold the breast in place
  • In most cases the nipple will be repositioned

What is the recovery like?

Dr Chris Snijman will ask you to take at least one week from work to recover from your breast reduction surgery*. You can expect your breasts to be tender and painful for a few days following the surgery but Dr Chris Snijman will prescribe oral painkillers to keep you comfortable.

As with most breast surgery you will need to stop all physical activity for about four weeks post-surgery*. Dr Chris Snijman will want to see you fairly regularly after the surgery for dressing changes and follow up check-ups, it is vitally important that you keep these appointments.

Combination procedures

In many cases patients opt to mould their bodies to match their new breasts and often undergo Liposuction or Tummy tuck surgery at the same time as Breast Reduction surgery. You will need to discuss this option during the consultation as not all procedures are recommended to be performed together.

Undergoing your breast reduction surgery with Dr Chris Snijman is as simple as making an appointment. Call his Morningside (Sandton) rooms now on 011 884 9957.

* Disclaimer
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