Breast Augmentation

Dr Chris Snijman will tailor a surgical approach to match your desired result*

Fuller breasts for an improved shape

There are many reasons for wanting to undergo Breast Augmentation surgery. Some women simply want larger breasts for confidence; others need implants to improve the shape and size of their breasts*. Whatever your reason, Dr Chris Snijman will tailor a surgical approach to match your desired result* with your natural body limitations.

What is Breast Augmentation surgery?

Simply put, Breast Augmentation surgery is the surgical insertion of silicone or saline breast implants into the breast. There are various incision points and placement options but your personal physiology will play a role in how and where Dr Chris Snijman will approach your surgery.

Am I a good candidate for Breast Augmentation surgery?

The ideal patient for breast augmentation surgery will have realistic expectations for the procedure, be in good physical condition and near her ideal body weight.

Other deciding factors include:

  • Current size and shape of the breasts
  • Skin elasticity
  • Desired outcomes

Tell me about the surgery

Each patient is treated as an individual, and your case will be explained in detail during the consultation process. As an overview your surgery will go something like this:

  • You will be admitted to Morningside Clinic as a day case procedure
  • Once wheeled into theatre, you will be placed under general anaesthetic
  • Dr Chris Snijman will make an incision – in most cases to the inframamary fold
  • Depending on your body and conditions, Dr Chris Snijman will dissect a pocket either behind the muscle (Pectoralis Major) or behind the breast glands.
  • Once the pockets are made, Dr Chris Snijman will insert your agreed breast implants into the cavity and then he will close.

Breast augmentation surgery averages between 45 minutes to 55 minutes

In general, breast augmentation surgery averages between 45 minutes to 55 minutes. Once the surgery is complete you will be required to wear a post-surgical bra for a minimum of 6 weeks, to protect the final result.

It is of utmost importance to keep your post-op follow-up appointments with Dr Chris Snijman for dressing changes and after care updates.

What is the recovery like?

There will be expected swelling and tenderness for a few days post-surgery, but pain medication will keep you comfortable.

If your implant placement is behind the muscle, then your recovery will take a little longer, than if it were a sub glandular procedure. In either case Dr Chris Snijman will advise you to rest up with no heavy lifting for 7 days. Light exercise can be resumed after 2 weeks and you can resume normal activities 4 weeks post-surgery*.

The final result from your breast augmentation surgery will only be visible once the swelling has gone down.

Combination procedures

Being a relatively short procedure, Breast Augmentation surgery is often combined with Breast Lift surgery, Liposuction and Tummy Tuck procedures. If you are considering undergoing multiple procedures, please make the reception aware when booking your consultation with Dr Chris Snijman, as you will need to discuss each procedure individually including risks and possible adverse reactions.

Undergoing your breast augmentation with Dr Chris Snijman is as simple as making an appointment. Call his Morningside rooms now on 011 884 9957.

* Disclaimer
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